Addiction Treatment Centers Houston

Addiction Treatment Centers Houston

Best Inpatient & Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centers in Houston

When looking for help and treatment for addiction, the city of Houston has many options. From inpatient facilities to outpatient programs, individuals have access to quality and comprehensive care provided by experienced professionals. Here is a look at the best options when choosing from addiction treatment centers in Houston and how they can help those struggling with substance abuse find sobriety.

Inpatient Treatment Centers

Inpatient treatment centers provide 24/7 medical supervision and care during the recovery process. Patients stay overnight or for several weeks or months depending on their needs and customize a plan to meet their individual goals for recovery.

Pros of inpatient treatment include around-the-clock monitoring of patient progress by trained medical staff, safety from outside influences that may lead to relapse, daily structure facilitated by counselors, and social support from other patients undergoing similar journeys.

Cons include having limited contact with family members due to strict visitation policies, removal from familiar settings, the expense associated with residential programs, and time away from work or family commitments.

Outpatient Treatment Centers

Outpatient treatment centers offer a different approach to recovery than inpatient programs; patients commute to a clinic daily or multiple times per week for therapy sessions as well as drug testing without requiring them to stay overnight.

Pros include customizable schedules based on unique needs such as work shifts or school commitments; lower cost compared to residential programs; access to outside resources such as 12-step meetings; and day-to-day contact with support systems like family members who can be involved in the rehabilitation process.

Cons include exposure to possible triggers such as friends or places that could lead back down the path of substance abuse; fewer restrictions which may make it harder for individuals who lack self-control; less structure provided by an onsite team of clinicians; and no monitoring throughout the night which can make relapses more likely due to not being under constant care of healthcare staff members.

Why Virtue Recovery Center is Different

Virtue Recovery Center is one of Houston's leading addiction treatment centers offering both inpatient short-term detoxification programs lasting up to 30 days as well as outpatient services designed on an individual basis including counseling sessions and aftercare plans tailored specifically for each patient's situation. Some advantages of choosing Virtue Recovery Center are:

• Professional medical staff available 24/7

• Access to holistic therapies such as yoga & nutrition classes

• Tailored rehabilitation strategies specific to each client's situation

• Evidence-based treatments using proven methods

• Intensive outpatient program (IOP) available • Affordable payment plans allowing easy access

At Virtue Recovery Center we understand that every person suffering from addiction requires a unique approach when it comes to finding sobriety again. As one of the top addiction treatment centers in houston, we provide comprehensive care tailored specifically towards our clients' needs so they can achieve successful long-term recovery outcomes while also accommodating their lifestyle requirements – all within a safe environment surrounded by compassionate professionals who truly care about their wellbeing both during the program and post completion too.

Addiction Treatment Centers Houston
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Addiction Treatment Centers Houston
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Find Hope at Virtue Recovery Center

The staff at Virtue Recovery Center looks forward to helping you and your loved ones on the road to recovery. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our facilities located throughout the United States.