Drug Rehab Centers Houston

Drug Rehab Centers Houston

#1 Among Top Drug Rehab Centers in Houston

When it comes to drug rehab centers in Houston, the clear choice for patients and their families is Virtue Recovery Center. With a variety of programs and therapies, Virtue Recovery Center provides world-class treatment for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

Virtue Recovery Center stands out among other drug rehab centers in Houston because of its numerous program options tailored to each patient's individual needs. These programs include individualized psychotherapy, group therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, recreational activities, nutritional counseling, family support sessions, and behavior modification. All of these programs are designed to provide comprehensive care while helping the patient make meaningful progress toward sobriety.

The Best of the Best

When searching for a quality drug rehab center in Houston, there are several other options that can provide an equally successful path toward sobriety. One such option is The Right Step Houston which offers intensive outpatient services and committed clinical staff members who work closely with each patient to ensure that they obtain lifelong recovery. Other notable drug rehab centers in the area include the Bay Area Recovery Center as well as New Beginnings Treatment Center, both of which offer detoxification as well as support groups such as 12-step facilitated groups and mindfulness stress reduction classes.

At Virtue Recovery Center, however, patients receive access to a variety of unique treatment options and therapies that are not offered at any other facility including holistic treatments like meditation practice, yoga classes and Tai Chi instruction which promote relaxation and mental clarity. In addition to traditional forms of treatment such as counseling sessions with trained professionals in order to process emotions and gain insight into one's self-destructive behaviors.

Furthermore, Virtue Recovery Center's professional staff understands the importance of having an extensive aftercare plan that works beyond completing a formal treatment program such as connecting clients with local resources or developing relationships among family members during their stay at this premier drug rehab center in Houston.

Why We Are Different

By providing world-class care through multiple levels of evidence-based therapies along with ongoing continuing care support after discharge, Virtue Recovery Center is clearly the #1 choice among patients seeking effective treatment within the greater Houston area. This top rated rehabilitation facility combines thoughtful interventions with advanced technology within a safe supportive environment guaranteed to produce life-changing results that last a lifetime allowing individuals struggling with addiction finally be on their way towards peace and recovery living an addiction free life again.

Beyond the traditional treatments offered by Virtue Recovery Center, the facility also provides an array of alternative therapies to further support its clients' journey towards sobriety. These therapies include breath work, hypnotherapy, creative therapy, art therapy and music therapy to name a few. All of these treatments are designed to address each patient's individual needs in order to instill a sense of well-being and trusting relationships with both staff members and peers within the facility. In addition, Virtue Recovery Center makes sure that its clients get the most out of their recovery experience by hosting educational workshops and activities aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle choices as well as helping develop practical skills needed to successfully transition back into society after treatment.

In Closing

Finally, with a team of experienced clinicians and healthcare professionals available 24/7 offering unmatched clinical care for both young adults and adults alike, Virtue Recovery Center is able to offer patented relapse prevention plans which have been conceived out of evidence-based therapeutic principles ensuring long lasting sobriety for all patients undergoing treatment.

With their commitment to helping individuals overcome addiction through effective programs tailored specifically to each person's needs, it is easy to see why Virtue Recovery Center is rated the #1 drug rehab center in Houston.

Drug Rehab Centers Houston
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Drug Rehab Centers Houston
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