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Co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse do not have to ruin your life- there is a way out. With appropriate,  effective, and proven treatment with a full continuum of holistic care, long-term recovery from a dual diagnosis can be possible. Hope can return. Clinicians, therapists, case managers, drug and alcohol counselors, and the passionate staff at Virtue Recovery in Chandler work with you at each stage of the recovery process and provide the level of care needed to support each individual to sustain a healthy recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Explained

Co-occurring, also called “dual diagnosis,” means that a person is affected by substance abuse and a mental disorder. When mental disorders go untreated, they can sometimes be the root cause of substance use. Sometimes, a person has a mental disorder that causes them to self-medicate through drugs and alcohol. Having a dual diagnosis is exponentially challenging for people, and professionals should see them in a treatment program like our drug and alcohol rehab in Chandler.

Evidence-based research has shown how to treat dual-diagnosis safely and effectively addressing them simultaneously, with proven interventions. At Virtue Recovery, we treat dual diagnosis with a fully integrative plan at our alcohol and drug rehab in Chandler, Arizona.  We offer a holistic and integrative approach for helping people through the complexities of dual diagnosis.

Virtue Recovery uses various interventions and evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), experiential therapy, with a Humanist and Holistic approach for our clients to have an optimal experience on their recovery in Chandler’s alcohol and drug rehab. Each person’s response to dual diagnosis treatment varies, so we believe that having several tools to draw from will assist them throughout their recovery.

Types of Dual Diagnosis and Mental Disorders

There are several different types of mental health disorders treated at our dual diagnosis program in our alcohol and drug rehab in Chandler.

Mental health disorders can include mild to severe diagnoses, including anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD and Acute Trauma,  personality disorders, eating disorders, ADHD, OCD, Bi-polar 1 & 2, schizophrenic disorders, and others. When we speak about co-occurring treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona, we realize that they happen independently though they can overlap and can be given the correct interventions. Both conditions are treatable at Virtue Recovery as we clinically determine which approach is right for each person.

Mental disorders and substance abuse both affect the brain on how it processes information. Both co-occurring disorders may cause emotional behaviors which need to be stabilized, and there can be evidence of physical illness. All these areas should be carefully and holistically treated when going through the process of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment  – Chandler, Arizona

Everyone at Virtue Recovery Center’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment in the Chandler, Arizona, location realizes the client’s complexities of mental challenges and how addiction has profoundly affected their lives and their loved ones. At our drug treatment center in Arizona we understand that some people struggling with addiction and mental health disorders may not realize they have an underlying issue which we carefully address.

At the Virtue Recovery drug and alcohol rehab, clinicians and support staff team take time with each individual diagnosed with a co-occurring disorder and strive to build a strong rapport. Doing this creates safety and trust so the client may be best served as they are helped with an approach based on a person’s individual needs. Several choices of modalities may work as not one approach, or intervention can work for everyone.

How it Works- Chandler, Arizona.

What does dual diagnosis treatment look like? Every person admitted to Virtue Recovery alcohol and drug rehab in Chandler is first clinically and thoroughly evaluated in an assessment. In the assessment, the client can offer up a history that will clarify steps taken to optimize physical, mental, social, emotional, behavioral, and life skills. The clinical assessment will determine the care needed throughout the rehab program.

After the initial evaluation, the client will receive the appropriate psychiatric and clinical care, including short-term medication protocols used in the detoxification process. Some people may continue with a medication treatment plan for mental health stabilization if necessary for them to address substance use and allow for appropriate recovery.

Men and women are affected differently when having a dual diagnosis and are treated appropriately with interventions that specifically help their biology. In addition, no matter what gender people identify as, treatment is individualized at our drug rehab in Chandler.

Each person entering Virtue Recovery Drug Rehab Center in Arizona will be given individual psychiatric care, a therapist, a support staff, group facilitators, and a medical doctor for initial evaluation. Throughout the week, there will be several small group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, recreational activities, life skill development, creative outlets, expressive therapies, addiction education, and mental health tools for a sustainable recovery for long-term health and well-being.

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