Luxury Rehab Centers That Take Insurance

Treatment for substance use disorders (SUD) is now more widely available thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  As a result, there are many different treatment clinics, including luxury facilities, that offer inpatient programs for drug and alcohol addiction. These programs typically have high-quality, evidence-based addiction treatment with exclusive amenities, like private living quarters and massages.

What is a Luxury Rehab Center?

A luxury rehab center is an addiction treatment facility offering a high-end, upscale experience for individuals seeking long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. These facilities often offer luxurious amenities such as gourmet meals, spa treatments, private accommodations, and various recreational activities, in addition to traditional evidence-based treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, counseling, and medical care.

Luxury recovery centers often attract elite clients seeking a more comfortable and sophisticated environment for their recovery journey. However, the quality of addiction treatment should always be the primary consideration when choosing a rehab center, regardless of the level of luxury offered. Recover Center Outdoor

Luxury rehabilitation centers tend to be more expensive than standard rehab facilities. They are often located in scenic or secluded areas, such as the beach or the mountains, to provide clients with a more relaxing and peaceful environment. This type of location can also offer more privacy and discretion for clients who want to keep their recovery journey private.

While luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers offer a high level of luxury, it's important to note that the core addiction treatment programs and therapies are typically the same as those provided in standard rehab facilities. The focus is on evidence-based treatments, such as individual and group therapy, behavioral therapy, and medical detox, to help clients overcome their addictions. It is not uncommon for patients to stay for several months to receive intensive treatment and support.

Typical Amenities Offered by Luxury Recovery Centers

Luxury addiction recovery centers typically offer a wide range of deluxe amenities to create a comfortable, relaxing, and therapeutic environment for the recovery journey. Here are some standard amenities that you may find at a luxury rehab center:

  • Private accommodations: Luxury rehab centers often offer private rooms or suites with high-end furnishings, comfortable bedding, and other premium amenities.
  • Gourmet meals: Many luxury rehab centers employ professional chefs to create high-quality meals, emphasizing healthy, nutritious food that supports the recovery process.
  • Recreational activities: Luxury rehab centers often offer a variety of recreational activities, such as yoga, meditation, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, and other outdoor activities.
  • Fitness facilities: Some luxury rehab centers have fitness facilities, including gyms, personal training, and exercise classes.
  • Spa treatments: Many luxury rehab centers offer a variety of spa treatments, such as massages, facials, and other body treatments, which can help to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Alternative therapies: Some luxury rehab centers may offer alternative treatments featuring a more holistic approach, such as acupuncture, meditation, and hypnotherapy, to help clients manage their addiction and promote overall wellness.
  • Personalized care: Luxury rehab centers often provide personalized care, with a low client-to-staff ratio, to ensure that each client receives individualized attention and support toward sobriety.

What is Rehab Insurance Coverage?

Rehab insurance coverage is health insurance that covers the costs associated with addiction treatment and rehabilitation services. Rehab insurance coverage can be provided through private health insurance, employer-sponsored plans, or government-funded programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

Addiction treatment services covered by rehab insurance may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Inpatient or outpatient detoxification
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Counseling
  • Other behavioral health services

The extent of rehab insurance coverage will depend on the specific health insurance plan and the type of addiction treatment services needed. For example, some plans may cover the total cost of treatment, while others may require you to pay a portion of the expenses out-of-pocket.

Additionally, addiction is considered a medical condition. Therefore, addiction treatment is covered by many health insurance plans, including those offered by employers, obtained via health care exchanges, and obtained through Medicaid and CHIP under the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA).[i] This law requires health insurance plans to provide coverage for mental health and substance use disorder treatment at the same level as coverage for other medical conditions.

Does Insurance Cover Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

It depends on your specific health insurance plan and the level of coverage it provides. For example, some health insurance plans may cover the cost of luxury rehab, while others may only cover standard rehabilitation facilities. In many cases, you may be responsible for some out-of-pocket expenses to cover the remaining cost of treatment.

Additionally, some insurance plans may restrict the length of stay at a luxury rehab facility or the specific types of covered amenities or services. For example, many insurance providers will only pay for medically necessary treatments, including psychotherapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Massages and other lavish services provided at luxury rehab centers may not be reimbursed by insurance.

In addition, you'll frequently have a deductible, which is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket before your insurance starts covering any expenses. You may also need to find a treatment facility part of the insurance plan's network. Examples of in-network providers include medical staff and facilities your insurance company has contracted to provide healthcare services.

Check Your Insurance for Luxury Addiction Treatment

You can check your insurance coverage levels for drug or alcohol addiction rehab by calling us on 866-461-3339 or by using the form below.

Our admissions coordinators will interact directly with your insurance provider on your behalf, removing from your shoulders the burden of figuring out if your insurance will pay for your addiction treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Luxury Mental Health Rehab?

Whether or not insurance covers luxury mental health rehab depends on the specific health insurance policy and its coverage level. For example, some health insurance plans may cover the cost of luxury mental health rehab, while others may only cover standard mental health rehab. Insurance Plans on Ring Binder. Blured, Toned Image

Keep in mind that luxury mental health treatment might cost significantly more than conventional mental health rehab, and insurance may not fully cover the expense. Therefore, you may need to make out-of-pocket payments in many situations to cover the therapy's remaining costs.

In addition, you’ll often have a deductible, and you might need to look for a rehab center in-network with your particular insurance plan. It's also important to remember that some insurance policies can impose exclusions and limitations on the number of days a patient can remain in a posh mental health facility or the particular facilities or services that are covered.

Finally, many insurance companies will only cover medically necessary services, such as medical detox and dual diagnosis. However, the more opulent services offered at luxury rehab facilities, like massages and recreational activities, may not be covered.

Inpatient and Outpatient Luxury Rehabs That Take Insurance

Virtue Recovery Center has been saving individuals from substance abuse for years. With multiple treatment facilities in several states, our addiction treatment specialists have created the most reliable and thorough treatment plans, including inpatient detox and residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient rehab programs (IOPs), sober living options, aftercare, and recovery management and resources.

Below you'll find links to all of the Virtue Recovery Center treatment facilities:

How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost With Insurance?

The cost of luxury rehab with insurance can vary widely depending on several factors, including your health insurance plan, the specific treatment center, the level of care needed, and the duration of treatment. In general, the cost of luxury rehab with insurance may be partially covered by the insurance plan, but you may be responsible for some out-of-pocket costs.

Depending on the level of luxury, a residential addiction treatment program may cost anywhere from $5,000 to $80,000. On average, the cost of outpatient therapy, or receiving treatments without being hospitalized, can range from $1,400 to $10,000 for 30 days.1 Of course, these are only average costs that can change according to many variables.


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Do You Pay Extra Insurance Premiums for Rehab Expenses?

This depends on your specific health insurance plan. For example, some insurance plans may require an additional premium for coverage of addiction treatment and rehab expenses, while others may include these services as part of the standard coverage. Additionally, some insurance plans may require a copay or deductible for addiction treatment and rehab expenses.

How To Check My Insurance Coverage Levels for Luxury Rehab Treatment

Verify insurance coverage levels for luxury rehab treatment easily by filling out our no-obligation online form. One of our highly qualified staff members will then contact your health insurance provider to verify your rehab treatment benefits. We'll contact you as soon as possible to explain your policy and discuss the next steps.

Virtue Recovery Center is in-network with most insurance plans. To relieve you of the responsibility of answering the question, “Does insurance cover luxury rehab,” our admissions coordinators will speak with your insurance company directly, eliminating the challenges or confusion associated with contacting your insurance provider yourself.

In addition, all information provided or discussed will remain completely confidential.

How To Get My Insurance To Pay For Addiction Recovery Treatment

Being persistent and advocating for your right to receive the care you need is essential. There are several steps you can take to increase your chances of attending luxury rehab covered by insurance:

  • Get a referral: In many cases, insurance companies require a referral from a primary care physician or mental health professional to authorize treatment. Speak with your doctor about your addiction and request a referral to a qualified addiction treatment program.
  • Verify your benefits: Contact your insurance company or allow Virtue Recovery Center to contact them to verify insurance benefits. Ask specifically about inpatient care and outpatient treatment programs and information on deductibles, copays, and the types of treatment covered. You may also want to review any exclusions or limitations on coverage.
  • Find a treatment center: Once you know what your insurance will cover, research addiction recovery centers that accept your insurance. Look for centers that have experience working with your insurance company and that offer the type of treatment you need.
  • Submit a claim: Once you've selected a treatment center, ask the center to submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf. Be prepared to provide any necessary documentation or medical records to support your claims.

How Many Times Will Insurance Pay For Rehab?

The frequency with which insurance covers rehabilitation varies depending on the patient's insurance plan and the required care. For instance, some insurance plans only cover a certain number of days in rehab, while others may pay for an unlimited number of visits or have separate coverage restrictions for inpatient and outpatient care.

Can You Go Into Luxury Rehab Without Insurance?

Yes, it is possible to go to a luxury rehab facility without insurance coverage. However, it's important to note that luxury rehab centers can be expensive. The following are some options if you don't have insurance or if your insurance doesn't cover addiction treatment:

  • Pay for therapy out-of-pocket: Many treatment centers provide financing options or sliding scale costs based on your income.
  • Community-based groups, nonprofits, or government-funded programs: These programs can involve several therapies, such as counseling and detoxification, and are typically affordable or free. Simply conduct an Internet search for your state, county, or city to locate low-cost substance use disorder treatment and services.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Your place of employment may have an EAP offering addiction treatment services. EAPs usually provide support and resources for employees struggling with personal or work-related issues.
  • Faith-based programs: People seeking addiction treatment can find it at several faith-based groups. These programs may use spiritual or religious practices as a therapeutic strategy.
  • Group therapy: Support groups can be a more affordable option if you don’t require intensive medical care or detoxification. Group therapy allows individuals to connect with others who are going through similar experiences and can provide a supportive environment for recovery.
  • Self-help groups: Self-help groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), provide a free and accessible support network for individuals in recovery. These groups offer peer support, education, and accountability and can be a helpful supplement to other forms of treatment.

While these choices may allow you access to addiction treatment without insurance, it's important to remember that service accessibility and level of care may vary significantly. Therefore, conduct your research, consult medical professionals, and look for recognized treatment providers to ensure you get the best possible care.

Addiction treatment costs shouldn't stop you from getting the necessary, appropriate treatment. If you're thinking about entering treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, Virtue Recovery Center wants to ensure you or a loved one receives the finest care possible. We'll work with you to develop a suitable payment schedule for unanticipated expenses.

Send a request to a qualified admissions coordinator now if you're committed to recovery. Before going over the next stages, a coordinator will respond to any concerns or questions about our luxury rehab programs and services, including details on pricing and payment options.

Check Your Insurance Coverage With Virtue Recovery Center

If you’re committed to recovery, submit a request to one of our professional admission coordinators today using the form below. Before discussing the next steps, a coordinator will address any inquiries regarding our programs, including interacting directly with your insurance provider on your behalf to check your insurance coverage levels for drug or alcohol addiction rehab.


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