Do Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery Centers in Nevada Take HealthSmart Insurance Policies?

Suppose you have HealthSmart insurance and are seeking drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In that case, you probably have concerns about what your insurance plan covers, how to get HealthSmart to pay for inpatient rehab in Nevada, and/or what out-of-pocket costs you may anticipate. Keep reading for all the answers and more.

What is Nevada Known For?

On October 31, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state,1 and its early history is closely tied to the mining boom of the mid-19th century. The Comstock Lode, one of the world's richest silver ore deposits, helped to establish mining as a significant economic activity. As a result, fortune seekers flocked to the area, causing Nevada's population to grow.

One of the most iconic events in The Silver State’s2 history is the construction of the Hoover Dam. Built on the Colorado River, this engineering marvel was completed in 1936 and provides hydroelectric power and water resources for Nevada and neighboring states. It remains a popular tourist attraction.3

Nevada is also home to many other famous landmarks and attractions, including Las Vegas' neon lights, Fremont Street, Lake Tahoe, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Great Basin National Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Area 51, Burning Man, and the Mojave Desert.

In the early 20th century, Nevada became famous for its liberal laws regarding gambling, leading to the development of a thriving casino industry. The state legalized casino gambling in 1931, further attracting visitors. Today, Las Vegas, Nevada's largest city, is internationally renowned for the following:

  • Entertainment
  • Resorts
  • Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip)
  • Las Vegas shows
  • Las Vegas Raiders
  • Vibrant nightlife

In addition, if you're a nature lover or outdoor enthusiast, you'll find the Nevada desert a unique and ideal destination. Its arid climate and vast open spaces offer plenty of activities to enjoy, including golf. For stargazers, in particular, the night skies offer breathtaking views that are not to be missed.

What is Rehab Insurance Coverage?

Rehab insurance refers to the coverage provided by a health insurance policy for addiction treatment and other forms of therapy or counseling that are part of the recovery process. The extent of coverage depends on the type of insurance policy and the specific rehabilitation treatments required, among other factors.

Getting rehabilitation services for a prolonged period can be costly and dealing with rehab insurance providers is often difficult. Nevertheless, having rehab insurance coverage can help you manage these expenses and get the essential care you need to overcome a substance use disorder (SUD). Contact us today so we can assist you in getting the most out of your insurance coverage as you start on you rehab journey.

Who is HealthSmart?

HealthSmart is not an insurance company but a third-party administrator (TPA). It provides various services and health improvement programs to assist self-funded employers and insurance carriers in managing healthcare benefits for their employees and members. Founded in 1996, HealthSmart is headquartered in Irving, Texas.

The company has become one of the largest TPAs in the country, serving clients in all 50 states. Its main goal is to provide healthcare solutions to employers and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry.4 They offer a range of solutions, such as health plan benefit administration, care management, pharmacy benefit management, provider networks, and casualty claims solutions.

Additionally, they offer business intelligence, onsite employer clinics, various health and wellness programs, and web-based reporting for clients' convenience.5

Check Your HealthSmart Insurance for Addiction Treatment in Nevada

You can check your HealthSmart insurance coverage levels for drug or alcohol addiction rehab in Nevada by calling us on 866-461-3339 or by using the form below.

Our admissions coordinators will interact directly with HealthSmart on your behalf, removing from your shoulders the burden of figuring out if your insurance will pay for your addiction treatment.

Do HealthSmart Insurance Plans Cover Rehab in Nevada?

The extent of coverage for addiction recovery related to drugs and alcohol will be determined by the specific policy and plan provided by HealthSmart. Although not an insurance company, HealthSmart usually handles mental health treatment and substance abuse claims as part of its behavioral health services. You may be eligible for coverage if you work for a self-insured employer that offers HealthSmart insurance plans. Your HealthSmart plan or benefits can be used to obtain the necessary assistance for substance use. However, the benefits you receive will depend on the details of your plan. For specific coverage information for your drug and alcohol addiction recovery, call us at 866-461-3339 or complete our online insurance verification form. We'll be able to review your policy documents with you.

Do HealthSmart Insurance Plans Cover Mental Health Recovery in Nevada?

Healthsmart will probably provide coverage for mental health recovery in some form. While not all therapy methods or treatment durations are included, you can rely on HealthSmart's mental health coverage to cover some expenses since mental health care and substance abuse treatment are considered essential health benefits under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).6 Taking care of your mental health through rehabilitation involves various services and therapies like inpatient or outpatient programs, individual or group therapy, medication management, and other types of support. Your HealthSmart insurance coverage will vary depending on your specific plan and policy. For more detailed information about your HealthSmart mental health rehab coverage, please call us at 866-461-3339.

Addiction Recovery Centers in Nevada that Take HealthSmart Insurance Policies

At Virtue Recovery Centers, we offer personalized treatment to support long-lasting recovery. We focus on providing individual attention to our patients, helping them find the right program, and consistently improving our treatment and services. We aim to deliver modern, proven, and effective drug and alcohol addiction treatments while recognizing that each client has unique needs and challenges to overcome.

With several rehab centers nationwide, including one inpatient and outpatient rehab in Nevada, we take pride in the years we’ve guided individuals like you or your loved one(s) on their road to recovery, improving overall mental health. Call 866-461-3339 to speak with an admissions coordinator and/or verify insurance coverage today.

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How Much Does Addiction Recovery Cost in Nevada with a HealthSmart Insurance Policy?

Addiction recovery costs in Nevada with a HealthSmart insurance policy can vary depending on several factors, including the specific policy, the type of rehab program, the treatment duration, and the level of care you or your loved one requires. The average cost of a residential rehab center in Nevada is $62,530 for an individual, while outpatient rehab typically costs $1,626.7

Call 866-461-3339 for more accurate cost information. We can provide up-to-date details on insurance coverage and potential out-of-pocket expenses, including co-pays and deductibles, and discuss treatment options.

How To Check HealthSmart Coverage Levels for Addiction Recovery in Nevada?

The simplest way to determine your HealthSmart coverage levels for addiction recovery in Nevada is to have us assist you by calling 866-461-3339. We’re here to help you with any questions or concerns, and we understand that the recovery process can be challenging. Our commitment is to assist you in making actual progress toward a better future, regardless of your unique circumstances.

Alternatively, fill out our no-obligation and confidential insurance verification form by clicking on the link below:

How To Get My HealthSmart Insurance to Pay for Addiction Recovery Treatment

Before seeking addiction recovery services, confirming that your HealthSmart policy includes coverage for such services is essential. You can do this by contacting Virtue Recovery Center at 866-461-3339 or filling out our online insurance verification form. Once you've confirmed your coverage, choosing an in-network provider is best to maximize your benefits.

Remember that some addiction recovery services may require referrals or pre-authorization before being covered. Your treatment provider can assist you with this process. It involves providing your health insurance carrier with a formal diagnosis or information about the treatment services you need and why they are medically necessary.

How Long Does HeathSmart Pay for Inpatient Addiction Recovery in Nevada?

HealthSmart will only pay for addiction recovery services that are deemed medically necessary. Your unique plan and policy determine the frequency of payment for these services. Research shows that most people need at least 90 days to make a significant difference in their substance use habits, so most programs are at least three months long.8

Different plans may have varying limits on the number of treatments they cover. However, receiving the necessary treatment to improve your life is crucial. Don't compare your journey to others, as it's unique. If you're unsure how long or the number of treatments covered by your policy, call 866-461-3339 to verify your coverage information today.

Can You Go to Addiction Recovery Without Insurance?

It is possible to seek rehab treatment even without insurance coverage. If you’re insured, but your insurance plan does not cover the specific treatment you need for your recovery journey, or you don’t have insurance, there are other ways to pay for and obtain the necessary medical assistance. Many rehab centers offer financing options and flexible payment plans, for example.

Additionally, you might be able to pay for treatment using some of the options listed below:

  • Sliding Scale Fees: The cost of a service is based on your income, often used to address economic inequality. You will pay less out of pocket if you have a lower income.
  • Community-based groups, nonprofits, or government-funded programs: You can find affordable substance use disorder treatment and services by searching on the internet for your state, county, or city. These programs are often free or low-cost and offer counseling and detoxification, among other strategies.
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): Your employer may offer an EAP that supports addiction treatment. EAPs are designed to offer resources and help to employees dealing with personal or work-related challenges.
  • Faith-based programs: Several faith-based organizations offer addiction treatment counseling using spiritual or religious practices as a therapeutic strategy.
  • Peer support groups: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) provide a compassionate environment. These groups can be beneficial for support during the treatment and recovery process, and they don't charge any fees to attend.

Keep in mind that the quality of care and availability of the abovementioned services may vary. To receive the highest level of care, it's essential to do your research, seek advice from medical professionals, and seek out licensed providers.

Don't let the cost of addiction treatment discourage you from seeking help. At Virtue Recovery Center, we aim to provide the best care possible for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. We understand that unexpected expenses can arise, and we're happy to work with you or your loved one to create a payment plan that makes sense. Contact us at 866-461-3339 to speak with an admissions coordinator and start your journey toward sobriety today.

Nevada Rehab Statistics

  • HealthSmart’s annual revenue is around $934.6M.9
  • There has been a rise in the number of fatalities in Southern Nevada due to the usage of Fentanyl.10
  • According to initial data released by the Southern Nevada Health District, there was a significant increase of 28.6% in fatal drug overdoses in the state from 2019 to 2020. The latest available statistics also reveal that the number of people under 25 who died due to overdoses doubled during that period.11
  • Researchers collected data in three areas: drug use and addiction, law enforcement, and drug-related health issues and rehabilitation. They evaluated and prioritized each category to determine an overall score. Nevada was identified as having a notably high percentage of adult drug users compared to other states and territories.12
  • Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed Reno as Nevada's “drunkest” city. Many adults in Reno (21.3%) engage in binge drinking or heavy alcohol consumption. This percentage exceeds almost 90% of metropolitan areas across the United States.13
  • Approximately 10.6% of the population in Nevada do not have health insurance.14
  • According to research, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Nevada are the states with the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the United States.15

Check Your HealthSmart Insurance Coverage With Virtue Recovery Center

If you’re committed to recovery, submit a request to one of our professional admission coordinators today using the form below. Before discussing the next steps, a coordinator will address any inquiries regarding our programs, including interacting directly with HealthSmart on your behalf to check your insurance coverage levels for drug or alcohol addiction rehab.


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